Tips for Posting

When posting in the Study Group Forum, you will have the option to choose between a Question (requiring a definitive answer) or a Discussion (open-ended) whenever you start a new thread. They will display a different icon depending on what type of thread they are:

Questions will be a thread with a specific answer:

If your question receives the correct resolution or answer, you will be able mark that reply using the "Mark as Best Answer" button.  That answer will then appear at the top of the thread and will be marked as Best Answer. This indicates that you are no longer looking for responses to your question, though others can still join in.

When this is the case and a question has been resolved, it will also show an "answered" icon from the threads view: 

Discussions will be open-ended threads for ongoing conversations:

We recommend selecting “Open-ended Discussion” if you are not sure what to select. You and other candidates can still choose “Mark as Best Answer” and keep the conversation going.

With the Discussions versus Question functionality, you can now filter your searches to see questions with or without answers with the drop-down lists on the threads tab.