Ask the Experts

Take a look at all of our past Ask the Expert sessions on previous topics. Be on the lookout for for the next one! We conduct these sessions now about four times per year on various topics.

Ask the Expert: Navigating a Financial Planning Career as a Woman

June 2022

 Ask the Expert Event, Staying Motivated with Exam Prep

March 2022

Ask the Expert: Being a Young Woman in Financial Planning

December 2021

Ask the Expert Event: Finding a Career in Financial Planning

November 2021
Ask the Expert: Success After Failing the CFP® Exam September 2021
Ask the Expert: Staying Motivated to Complete CFP® Certification June 2021
May 20th Ask the Expert: Taking the CFP® Exam May 2021
Ask the Expert: Navigating the Financial Planning Industry as a Woman April 2021
Ask the Expert: Starting CFP® Certification March 2021
Ask the Expert: Breaking into the Financial Planning Industry December 2020
Ask the Expert: Finding Success After Failing the CFP® Exam October 2020
Ask the Expert: Women in Financial Planning June 2020
Ask the Expert: Accelerated Path to CFP® Certification February 2020
Ask the Expert: Helping Women in CFP® Certification and Beyond November 2019
Ask the Expert: CFP® Exam Prep and Strategies August 2019
Ask the Expert: Helping Women in CFP® Certification and Beyond May 2019
Ask the Expert: Financial Planning Careers March 2019
Ask the Expert: Education February 2019
Ask the Expert: November Exam October 2018
Ask the Expert: Experience May 2018
Ask the Expert: March 2018 Exams March 2018
Ask the Expert: Experience February 2018
Ask the Expert: Getting Started with Certification December 2017
Ask the Expert: Careers in Financial Planning November 2017
Ask the Expert: Exams Department October 2017
Ask the Expert: CFP® Careers September 2017
Ask the Expert: CFP Board Exams Department June 2017