Ask the Pro

Our Ask a Pro sessions are designed to have select Forum Pros (CFP® professionals) provide advice, tips, and motivation around certain subjects related to earning CFP® certification. They speak to their experiences of completing coursework, navigating the experience requirement, and, of course, passing the CFP® exam. Review Ask a Pro sessions below! 

Take a look at all of our past Ask the Expert sessions on previous topics. 

CFP Board: Ask a Pro! Success When Retaking the CFP® Exam

August 2023

CFP Board Annc: Ask a Pro! Exam Prep Strategies in the Last Few Weeks

June 2023

"Ask a Pro" Session: Financial Planning as a Career after Military Service May 8-12.

May 2023

Ask the Expert: How to Navigate the Financial Planning Industry as a Career Changer

November 2022

Ask the Expert: Navigating a Financial Planning Career as a Woman

June 2022

 Ask the Expert Event, Staying Motivated with Exam Prep

March 2022

Ask the Expert: Being a Young Woman in Financial Planning

December 2021

Ask the Expert Event: Finding a Career in Financial Planning

November 2021
Ask the Expert: Success After Failing the CFP® Exam September 2021
Ask the Expert: Staying Motivated to Complete CFP® Certification June 2021
May 20th Ask the Expert: Taking the CFP® Exam May 2021
Ask the Expert: Navigating the Financial Planning Industry as a Woman April 2021
Ask the Expert: Starting CFP® Certification March 2021
Ask the Expert: Breaking into the Financial Planning Industry December 2020
Ask the Expert: Finding Success After Failing the CFP® Exam October 2020
Ask the Expert: Women in Financial Planning June 2020
Ask the Expert: Accelerated Path to CFP® Certification February 2020
Ask the Expert: Helping Women in CFP® Certification and Beyond November 2019
Ask the Expert: CFP® Exam Prep and Strategies August 2019
Ask the Expert: Helping Women in CFP® Certification and Beyond May 2019
Ask the Expert: Financial Planning Careers March 2019
Ask the Expert: Education February 2019
Ask the Expert: November Exam October 2018
Ask the Expert: Experience May 2018
Ask the Expert: March 2018 Exams March 2018
Ask the Expert: Experience February 2018
Ask the Expert: Getting Started with Certification December 2017
Ask the Expert: Careers in Financial Planning November 2017
Ask the Expert: Exams Department October 2017
Ask the Expert: CFP® Careers September 2017
Ask the Expert: CFP Board Exams Department June 2017