My Path to Certification: My #MambaMentality Story

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By Sukhjinder Thind posted 12-07-2020 03:32


My journey began a little over a year ago.

It was around November 2019 when I started my CFP coursework. My original goal was March, 2021. I wasn't really serious about the exam as I'm just in a support role currently, and am relatively content with my role. But, I figured I've been in the industry for 4 years and I should have something to show for it -- so might as well pursue the CFP designation.

Once COVID hit, I saw it as an opportunity to ramp up my studying. No excuses now, right?

It wasn't until August that it seemed possible I could sit for the November exam. So, I grinded through the last couple of courses and enrolled in the CFFP/Kaplan Live Review on September 22nd -- just before the live review was about to start. This gave me approximately 7 weeks to hit it hard and hopefully have a chance at passing in November.

I asked around and heard you need 10-12 minimum weeks to do the review, so I knew my next 7 weeks would be intense if I were to do it.

I then made a decision, and decided to take on the mantra of my beloved fallen idol, Kobe Bryant. I was going to channel my inner #MambaMentality and go Mamba Mode for the next 7 weeks.

No partying/going out (or very limited) for 7 weeks, which is very unlike me, but now -- if ever --  was definitely the time to do it. I also took 8 days of PTO to catch up on studying. I was going to immerse myself in CFP World until I emerged victorious.

I read all 6 review books while trying to keep up with the 4 week Live Online Review. I would listen to the High 5 videos on my 90 minute daily walks, which I birthed as a habit back in March (I never used to walk -- but I've lost 30lbs since last year as a result). 

After pushing through the reading and Live Online Review, I had about 2 1/2 weeks left until the championship. So, I hit up the QBank (completed approximately 900 questions), did the CFFP Mock Exam (scored ~73%), and two mock exams (scored ~80%). I also incorporated listening to the podcasts on my walks over the last two weeks.

I did not have time to go through all the Learning Objective Videos. I think I finished the 1st two courses, and then just picked spots for Investment, Tax, Retirement & Estate Planning.

There were definitely times where I felt I didn't know the material well enough, but I "knew enough."

The exam itself felt a bit different from both mock exams, and the questions seemed like different "types" of questions. Either way, I stayed positive throughout the exam, and felt like I had it. As I neared the end, I felt victory, but I kept hearing Kobe's voice and the famous quote, "Job's not finished." So, I did my best to stay focused, hoping for a positive outcome...and I got it!

I can't express how happy & relieved I felt after passing on November 10th. No studying for the first time in weeks!

I hope this either inspires someone or gives them hope that this is definitely a huge accomplish, but it can be done with hard work and dedication. Even if I failed, I told myself I would NOT get down and would keep pushing until I got it in March.

Thanks to everyone who provided words of encouragement on here & lent their insight.

I hope I made Kobe proud. And I hope I made my late father proud as well.

Suki Out