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Selling CFP Study Materials

By Jennifer Torres posted 10-18-2020 16:11



Zahn Pre-Study Books 1 & 2 - For the July/September 2020 Test (book 1 has highlighting in it, book 2 does not). Selling for $20 plus shipping.

Zahn Flash cards, one set for each section. These were immensely helpful and cost $75 originally. I'm selling for $20 plus shipping. 

CFP Exam Calculation Workbook, new. Selling for $5 plus shipping.

Money Education Quick sheet Reviews, one or more for each section. Originally $100. I'm selling for $20 plus shipping.

Money Education Textbooks (Incoming Planning, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Insurance Planning) $15 each plus shipping.

If you'd like a picture of anything, just let me know. I'll be shipping via UPS and will get an exact weight for the package before shipping to you. My email is

Thank you!