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10-08-2020 16:13

Brett Danko's program is THE best. I wish I would have started with his program from the beginning. I passed on my first try taking the exam thanks in huge part to Brett. I recommend his approach wholeheartedly and completely.

07-01-2020 14:09

Happy to hear this was helpful! I did take a look at some of the other online programs, and glad I chose Bryant. Cost seemed to be lower than most and content has been thorough. Good value!

07-01-2020 13:59

Thank you for your review. I just began the Bryant University self-paced online course and happy I did. It's great hearing that others feel it is time and money well spent!

06-25-2020 04:37

Hi! This is super helpful.  Did you look at other online programs before deciding on this one?