Tax Law Changes

By Rebekah Horsting posted 08-20-2018 08:21


The November 2018 CFP® exam will be the first to incorporate the 2018 tax law. Candidates for the CFP® exam need to be prepared to study for questions pertaining to the new law.

CFP Board recently released two resources with information about the impact of the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act on the CFP® exam.

  1. The new CFP Board Key Elements | Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017document outlines learning objectives that provide guidance on 25 critical elements of the tax law changes, from the perspective of the content covered by CFP®
  2. The updated Tax Tablesdocument that will be provided to candidates during the November 2018 CFP® exam now reflects 2018 tax law.

It’s hoped that these resources will help candidates to prepare for the upcoming exams.

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03-26-2019 08:21


I will be taking the exam in July, 2019. I read in a recent post that this exam will cover the new tax laws, AND use the 2019 numbers (instead of the 2018 numbers). Is this accurate?

Also, I purchased study materials through Dalton in 2017 that have the 2017 numbers. Dalton says I should spend $350 to get the updated books. I suspect that if I simply study the new tax laws and update my notes/flash-cards to the latest numbers that this will be associate. I have spend considerable time and energy on my current study materials and it would be a shame to abandon all of my notes within them. Thoughts?

I downloaded the link to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017, can you also please post the latest tax tables too?