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Getting Certified - Education

By Sara Maloney posted 04-09-2018 16:01


CFP® professionals acquire knowledge through the certification process that helps them to deliver professional, competent and ethical financial planning services to clients. This is a large part of why CFP® certification is so valued in the financial planning industry. If you are entering the field, the first step toward CFP® certification is to meet the education coursework requirement.

You can complete the education requirement through a course of study in financial planning offered by academic institutions with a curriculum registered with CFP Board. This coursework can be completed as either a degree program (undergraduate or graduate) or as a certificate program in financial planning.

There are more than 300 CFP Board registered programs offered at colleges and universities around the country. Search for a CFP Board-Registered program that best matches your needs.




05-14-2018 10:03

If you completed all approved CFP education courses through UCLA, we do need the program director to upload your completion verification using our education verification system. Have you reached out to the program director directly?

If you are still having trouble, I recommend reaching out to our Education department directly at

@Vincent Lewis


05-09-2018 13:25

I am having a difficult time receiving my education verification from UCLA that I have completed the necessary requirements to sit for the exam. I have emailed and contacted them several times. I faxed the CFP Board my transcripts that I have complete the Personal Financial Planning program at UCLA but they contacted me and instructed me that UCLA needs to use the education verification system. Would the Board accept official transcripts or do they need this verification through the system?