Mentoring Program Addresses Gender Gap

By Rebekah Horsting posted 03-08-2017 09:17

The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning has launched an exciting mentorship program; the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program encourages women pursuing CFP® certification to seek the guidance of CFP® professionals who will help support them through the certification process.

The WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program is designed to provide free one-on-one guidance and support candidates throughout their journey to certification. The mentoring relationship helps candidates understand the unique benefits of certification and obtain guidance, support, and motivation throughout the process from CFP® professionals.

CFP Board instituted the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program with the goal to provide women with the support they need to attain CFP® certification and to help address the gender gap in the financial industry. Because our mentors have experienced the certification process themselves, they offer a personal perspective and a unique understanding that can be extremely valuable. 

Women interested in being mentored by a CFP® professional can make use of a search tool to find and request a mentor based on geographic location, years as a CFP® professional, language and business model.

Learn more about the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program.

"My mentor served as a personal connection to help me through the certification process and even as an initial source of job leads. As I showed my genuine passion for doing the work, along with an earnest willingness to accept advice, I was able to navigate the certification process smoothly and get a jump start on my first job. I highly recommend the WIN-to-WIN Mentor Program to other CFP® candidates."

Janet Gerlings, CFP®, recently certified CFP® professional.