Why CFP® Certification?

By Rebekah Horsting posted 02-24-2017 15:47

The CFP® certification is certainly challenging and a large time investment that requires an immense amount of focus and dedication. However, there are an incredible number of benefits to becoming certified. Check out some of our top reasons for "Why CFP® certification?"

  • Knowledge and Credibility: 70% of CFP® professionals say they believe their certification has had a positive impact on their knowledge, confidence with clients, and client trust.
  • Competitive Advantage: 69% of consumers who insist their financial planner hold a designation, prefer the CFP® certification. 
  • Income Potential: CFP® professionals earn 26% more in compensation when compared with advisors who are not certified. Bonus: practices with CFP® professionals generate 40% more revenue than other practices.
  • Career Satisfaction: We all want to be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied in our chosen careers. More than 80% of CFP® professionals feel certification has had a positive impact on their career satisfaction and advancement opportunities.

Want some more compelling statistics on CFP® certification? Check out CFP Board's CFP Certification: Recognized Excellence, Proven Value.