The CFP Board Mentor Program provides the opportunity for CFP® professionals and candidates for CFP® certification to connect in a mentor/mentee relationship. The program is designed for those with experience in the field to volunteer to provide advice and support to aspiring CFP® professionals, ensuring that those interested in financial planning understand the unique benefits of CFP® certification and have guidance available where and when they need it while on the path to certification.

The CFP Board mentoring initiative encourages all those pursuing CFP® certification to make use of the resource of CFP® professionals to help them in their career. We hope that this program will foster the next generation of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professionals to succeed, advance the profession and build a more diverse community of CFP® professionals.


We’ve developed a resource library of tools and information to support both mentors and mentees. Here you’ll find resources to help get your mentoring relationship started and to guide you through the process, plus key documents relating to the CFP® certification process.


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