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  • Hi! i just wanted to let everyone know that Kaplans Live Exam Review with John Loyd is absolutely anOlympic Gold medal review.  I'll admit I wasn't thrilled with shelling out more money and time to sit through more classroom style lectures; but I don't ...

  • ​Thank you for doing this Matthew. Please allow me to join. I'm using Dalton too. My email is lebd1117@gmail.com. ------------------------------ Diep Le Registered Sale Assistant National Planning Corporation Riverside CA 951-581-6046 ------------------------------

  • I also have a set the Dalton review materials described above.  They worked! If anyone is interested in purchase, let me know. ------------------------------ Carmen Morgan Associate Professor Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls OR (541)892-4232 ...

  • Do you still have the Zahn books.  I failed with Dalton as well. ------------------------------ Lindsay Allen ------------------------------

  • Congratulations Bryan ! if you used the Zahn Flash Cards? if so, I would be interested in purchasing them my email is mike@farmandcpa.com ------------------------------ Mike Farmand President Farmand Investment Services, Inc. Jacksonville FL ------------------------------

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  • Hello candidates, and welcome to our first Ask the Expert session with the CFP Board Exams Department, Isabelle Gonthier and Eric Nepomuceno. We are very excited to have them here to answer your questions related to the upcoming CFP ®  exam. Please ...

  • I am switching careers to become a CFP. I have seven classes left. I have been trying for a year to get hired in numerous financial services positions in order to begin gaining experience hours. I haven't​ been hired for the same reasons over and over. ...

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    Finding a Mentor?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering what people have done to find a mentor in financial planning. In some ways, I feel like I know entirely too much about the industry without having experience. I'm wondering if having a defined mentorship would give me some ...

  • Hi All, I have never formally participated in this forum, but read the updates daily during the months leading up to the exam for insights and encouragement. I thankfully passed the exam yesterday, and had promised myself to share with others my experience ...

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  • I'm enrolled in the Bryant online program. I've found that the online material does not cover all the subject matter. Is it worth buying the Keir textbooks that go along with the online material? Do the textbooks go more in depth than the online material? ...

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