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    I took the Dalton review and their online test bank consisted of 1,600+. I did them all at least 2X, and some 3X. A few even 4X and 5X. I don’t think you can do too many. I took notes on all that I missed. Best of luck. Regards, Rob Rea ------Original ...

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    ​I am interested and would like to join mmelichar74@gmail.com ------------------------------ Mark W. Melichar,ChFC ® Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch Birmingham, AL 205.298.7484 ------------------------------

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    ​great info-thank you! would love the PDFs as well if possible. mmelichar74@gmail.com ------------------------------ Mark W. Melichar,ChFC ® Financial Advisor Merrill Lynch Birmingham, AL 205.298.7484 ------------------------------

  • Hi Jeremy, are the study materials you're selling review reading materials or question banks? im looking for question bank materials specifically, thanks!

  • You're right, 3 years was the old lookback period ------------------------------ Joe Dike President Joe Dike CPA/PFS PC New Boston TX 903-628-4272 ------------------------------

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  • Hi candidates, In an increased effort to ensure the Candidate Forum is as beneficial and helpful for as many candidates as possible, we are going to be using this thread as a space for you to post any exam material that you'd like to sell to other candidates, ...

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    Hello candidates, Welcome to our Ask the Expert session with the CFP Board Exams Department. We are hosting this on our brand new Study Group Forum to help showcase this additional resource for you as you are studying for the exam.  Please post your ...

  • Given the breadth of the federal tax law changes adopted in January 2018, which impact the application of financial planning knowledge across a large number of client situations, the 2018 tax law changes will not be tested on the CFP ® exam before November ...

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  • Hi candidates, We are very excited to announce that the new Study Group Forum is now officially live. For those that are studying for upcoming exams, please feel free to utilize this resource as a private space to connect, study, share tips, discuss ...

  • Hello candidates, Please welcome our three wonderful panelists, Lisette Smith , CFP®, Marguerita Cheng , CFP®, and Kelly Shikany , CFP® for our Ask the Expert: Getting Started with Certification session. Please post your questions below on this thread ...

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