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CFP® Exam 101: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the CFP Test

We wanted to share with you this recent article from U.S. News & World Report regarding the CFP® Exam, “CFP® Exam 101: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the CFP Test” The article states, “The CFP exam is for the financial industry what the bar is for the legal industry. Being a...

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Exam Candidate Handbook

This handbook covers everything you need to know about the process of registering, preparing, and sitting for the CFP ® exam. From early planning to day-of-exam procedures, this handbook will be your guide to exam success. #Exam #Education ​

2019 Candidate Handbook-March.pdf

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Exam Candidate Preparation Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help candidates on the path to CFP ® certification to gain an understanding of the steps it takes to effectively study in preparation for the CFP ® exam. Covering planning and time management as well as study strategies and effective test-taking tactics, the Toolkit...

2019 CFP Exam Candidate Prep Toolkit-March.pdf

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Handling Stress Head of the Exam

You’re in the midst of finding every minute you can to study for the upcoming exam. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you try to manage the study crunch and the stress that comes with preparing for any big event. Have a plan and follow it – You knew how you wanted to prepare for the...

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Tax Law Changes Impact on CFP® Exam

The July 2018 CFP® exam will be the last exam to test on the 2017 tax laws. And some candidates are already looking ahead to the November exam and how the 2018 federal tax laws will impact that test. Here are some recommendations for candidates who want to be up to date on the impact of recent...

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Review Courses Offer CFP® Exam Prep

Many who are pursuing CFP® certification and preparing for the CFP® exam find it very beneficial to take an exam review course in the weeks leading up to sitting for the exam. An exam review course is not a requirement for taking the exam or for certification, but many candidates find it to be...

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Resources for Effective Exam Preparation

The CFP Board offers a number of resources to help candidates prepare for the CFP® exam. Along with Practice Exams , The Candidate Handbook , and the “What to Expect from the CFP® Exam Experience” webinar offered each exam cycle, the CFP Board Examinations department recently developed a...

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New CFP® Exam Candidate Handbook

With registration for the July 2017 exam just opening, now's a great time to take a look at CFP Board's CFP ® Exam Candidate Handbook. Good study habits and thorough preparation are keys to success on the CFP ® exam. CFP Board's totally revised and expanded handbook, now updated for the...