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CFP® Exam 101: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the CFP Test

We wanted to share with you this recent article from U.S. News & World Report regarding the CFP® Exam, “CFP® Exam 101: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the CFP Test” The article states, “The CFP exam is for the financial industry what the bar is for the legal industry. Being a...

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Professional Advantages of CFP(R) Certification

The Professional Advantages of CFP ® Certification is your step-by-step guide to CFP® certification. This guide describes the key advantages of attaining CFP ® certification and the ever increasing career opportunities this certification can provide for you. This guide is a great starting...

CFP Professional Certification Guide.pdf

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Exam Candidate Handbook

This handbook covers everything you need to know about the process of registering, preparing, and sitting for the CFP ® exam. From early planning to day-of-exam procedures, this handbook will be your guide to exam success. #Exam #Education ​

2019 Candidate Handbook-March.pdf

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Exam Candidate Preparation Toolkit

This toolkit is intended to help candidates on the path to CFP ® certification to gain an understanding of the steps it takes to effectively study in preparation for the CFP ® exam. Covering planning and time management as well as study strategies and effective test-taking tactics, the Toolkit...

2019 CFP Exam Candidate Prep Toolkit-March.pdf

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Why CFP® Certification Guide

No credential in the personal financial planning field is held in higher esteem or brings greater rewards than the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional certification. The Why CFP® Certification guide explores why CFP ® certification has been a game-changing career step for more than 80...

Why CFP(R) Certification Guide.pdf

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New tax law resources!

CFP Board has published resources for candidates for CFP® certification relating to the impact of the federal tax law changes on the CFP® exam. The November, 2018 exam will be the first exam to reflect the new tax laws. #Education ​

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Candidate Handbook and Toolkit - November 2019

The updated handbook and toolkit are available now! #Education ​

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Getting Certified - Education

CFP® professionals acquire knowledge through the certification process that helps them to deliver professional, competent and ethical financial planning services to clients. This is a large part of why CFP® certification is so valued in the financial planning industry. If you are entering the...