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Ft Lauderdale, FL 33394-0035
United States


Omar is the founder of JetSetter Financial, a company dedicated to servicing the business and financial planning needs of companies as well as entrepreneurs and professionals. As a planner, Omar takes a practical and holistic approach to helping his clients. After a thorough needs assessment, he uses a product agnostic approach to develop bespoke solutions to tackle his client’s challenges in areas such as tax reduction, wealth management, personal, and business financial planning. By comparing products from multiple leading investment and insurance companies we can successfully identify the best fit for each individual situation. Leveraging AXA Advisors' platform, Omar is able to service the very diverse needs of each of his clients, which range from investment asset management, estate planning strategies, life insurance, to long-term care. He also can help business owners to implement tax-mitigating, and employee retention strategies such as employee benefits, 401K plans, Defined Benefit Pension plans, deferred- compensation, and executive benefits.