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A Quick Guide on Writing an Essay - 2021


Every student needs good essay writing tips because this is the most frequent assignment they usually get. There are so many aspects in essay writing but the most significant one is how to start an essay. The introduction is the hook of an essay which is why it's important. 

There are certain writing techniques and strategies for writing a 500 word essay. These techniques will be shared in detail to help you understand how to write my essay with excellence. 

What is an Essay?

An essay is a kind of writing that involves the author's own perspective and arguments. An essay describes a certain topic, gives an opinion or provides arguments regarding any topic. There are many perfect essay writing

 that differ from each other. Their purposes vary and thus, the writing style also depends upon their requirements. 

How to Write an Essay?

Writing an essay is not as difficult as it seems to be. There are some steps involved in perfect essay writers , and a simple guide may help one understand it very well. Check out these simple steps of writing a brilliant essay. 

  • Choose the Right Topic

The first and most important step is to choose a topic for your essay. Now, how to know if your topic is the right one? It is simple, you will already know some arguments about your topic and it won't be an odd one to write on. 

  • Complete Your Research

The thorough research about the selected topic is the next step to write a perfect essay. Enough research is required to learn everything about your topic so you do not miss any point. The purpose of this research is to collect certain arguments to support your stance in the essay. 

  • Design an Outline 

An outline can literally cut down half of the effort, how? Well, it provides you a road map of writing an essay. You already have a plan in your mind that you follow and thus, you do not get distracted. With the help of outline you can write an excellent essay that needs no extra addition of headings. 

  • Write Introduction

An introduction is a hook, so make sure you write one that engages the readers properly. 

  • Craft the Body

The body includes the arguments that you have collected during the research. The body of the essay includes the arguments and the details that you want to write. 

  • Sum up the Essay

The conclusion is written in the end that sums up your argument and purpose of writing an perfect essay

  • Proofreading

The last stage is the proofreading that clears out any kind of mistakes in your essay. These mistakes could be grammatical, spellings or punctuation that ruin the quality of an essay. Proofreading your essay at least once is beneficial to remove all the errors and fluff statements. 


The above given direct and quick guide on how to write a perfect essay is the basic one that high school and college students can follow. Following this pattern guarantees a supreme quality essay that bags good grades for sure. Students are recommended to implement this guide while writing any essay. 




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