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Why New Businesses Should Focus on Mobile Marketing


Mobile marketing is a multi-channel digital marketing technique that is focused on reaching a specific audience through their smartphones, tablets, or any other related devices through SMS, MMS, email, mobile applications, and Social Media Management sites.


According to a survey, there are almost 6 billion mobile users in this world and the number is constantly increasing. So what does it tell you? It’s a hint that you can increase your number of clients through mobile marketing. There are a lot of benefits of mobile marketing accourding to Digital Marketing Agency Dubai. Some of the benefits of mobile marketing are described below.


Easily Accessible


An average human spends 4 hours and 22 minutes on average using mobile phones. They use mobile phones to play games, listen to music, read books, watch videos, social media, and much more. Even though they do not go anywhere without their mobiles. Mobiles have become a part and parcel of their lives. This means that if you market your products and services through their mobiles, you are getting some potential clients in return. So if you want to reach these potential clients then mobile marketing should be your one-stop destination.


A variety of marketing channels 


Mobile marketing is not bound to one or two digital marketing agency techniques. There are many techniques that you can follow to market your business and reach the targeted audience.


  • Mobile Websites


Most of the website traffic comes from mobiles. Mobiles provide an easy and quick way to look at a website or to check a new brand. That is why mobile websites are considered the best form of mobile marketing.


  • Mobile SMS


Mobile SMS service also provides a great way to promote any kind of quality products and services. With mobile SMS you can reach thousands of people at a single time and can describe your products and services. Also, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of mobile marketing.


  • Mobile Apps


An average mobile user uses almost 10 mobile apps. So you can also market your products and services through these mobile apps. You can pay for these mobile apps to run your advertisements through Google Ads management so that more and more people can watch them.


  • In-Game mobile marketing


Have you ever seen an ad while playing a game on your mobile? Well, these are also companies trying to promote their products and services. You can also promote your business through games.




One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Unlike other digital marketing techniques, you do not have to pay much to advertise your business through mobile marketing.