Mr. Rishi Ahuja


Contact Details

Dallas, TX 75201-6078
United States


• Strategy/Business: Strong data/financial skills and inclination to understand/resolve customer pain points has enabled me to set product strategy that delivers value to customers while adding to product’s top/bottom-line

• Technical: A strong background in software architecture/development along with a extensive hands-on experience in telecommunication technologies that includes UCaaS/SaaS, Conferencing, VoIP, 3GPP/UMTS etc.

• Operational: Collaborated with cross-functional teams (Legal, Pricing, Sales Compensation, Development, Service Delivery, Service Assurance, Billing etc.) to drive complex projects from concept through development and delivery.

• Sales Enablement/Support: Actively involved with Sales/Customers to educate them on the offer and understand their needs to deliver an appropriate/customized solution from feature as well as a price perspective.

• Problem Solving/Analytical Skills: Enjoy solving problems and analyzing data to make continuous improvements.