Become a Mentor

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CFP® professional mentor. We appreciate you volunteering to serve in this important role of fostering the next generation of talent in the financial planning profession. We think you will enjoy the experience of sharing your knowledge and giving back to the profession.

Your Role as a Mentor is to:

  • Provide advice and support to prospective CFP® professionals.
  •  Help advance the profession by expanding access to competent and ethical financial planning and building a more diverse community of planners.

A Mentor’s Responsibilities:

  • Must interact with your mentee a least two times either by phone, email, or in person throughout engagement.
  • Mentoring engagements vary in length. Typically, we see engagements lasting anywhere from several weeks up to, and exceeding, 6 months. If you hit it off, we encourage you to continue your relationship with your mentee beyond the mentorship program.
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback. Celebrate milestones and achievements with your mentee.

To be a mentor you must be a CFP® professional in good standing.

To become a mentor:

Complete the profile information below. Note that some fields are already populated and that some fields are required. The more information you provide about yourself, the easier it will be for mentees to find their best match in a mentor. Be sure to add a photo to complete your profile. And you can also add a link to your LinkedIn profile. 

Once you’ve completed your profile, click the “SAVE” button. (You can always go back and make changes and additions to your profile.) Now you will be available for mentees to find based on their search criteria. If you like, you can also reach out to mentees yourself.

Those interested in becoming CFP® professionals are welcome to enroll in the Mentor Program as mentees. Those who are CFP® professionals in good standing can volunteer to become mentors.

If you have questions about the CFP Board Mentor Program, please contact us at